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Well, we are still here. In Florida. At the marina.

We pulled into this lovely spot in July. And promptly told them we would be out of here by October 15th. At the latest, for sure.

Then on November 1st we told them for sure we would be out of here by December 1st. ha. Today is December 8th.

Such is the way of boat life. My OCD, ical-loving self is getting really good at putting on my patience pants. If the stars align, and the rain stops, and wind dies down we are outta here this weekend – but don’t hold your breath!

Quick fun fact for you:

To get to the Bahamas you have to cross the Gulf Stream. The Gulf Streams runs south to north. If there is wind out of the north and you are in a giant stream running south to north it can be bad. Very bad. In fact, a giant container ship lost 25 containers the other day in crazy seas.

Needless to say, we will not cross the Gulf Stream anytime there are north winds. And north winds are forecast through Saturday.

While we wait we have been buying stuff. So much stuff. Today we said we had to leave if for no other reason than to stop buying stuff. Most of it I would consider essential…

Before I show you embarrassing videos of where we put all this “essential stuff” I shall give you a quick math lesson.

  1. It will be approx 12weeks (ish…) until we are back in the land of somewhat normal-priced groceries. We have been warned that groceries in the Bahamas are crazy expensive. $6/head of lettuce, $50/case of beer, $5/can of green beans, etc…so doing much grocery shopping there is something we want to avoid.
  2. For example, we eat Ravioli once a week. That means we need 12 things of raviloi and sauce, cheese, etc…
  3. I price compared,, Amazon and Target.  Walmart and Target are hands down the cheapest. We got daily shipments from each. The marina office called in a panic as our boxes were taking over their office. #oops

This was one day’s deliveries from Target, Boxed and Walmart.


Just starting to stash items. This is a cubby behind our couch.


Essential items for easy storing. Label maker, Lock N Lock containers, and a sharpie.

I can’t recommend enough. Use code K8XG4 for extra $$ off. It is Costco without the membership – and free shipping!  I don’t have any affiliation, I just really had a great experience.

I have so much more to say on this food stashing adventure – but this is becoming a novel. Stay tuned. Next up we De-frost the fridge and stash wine under the floor!

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