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Bo tells me often that I have mule-like tendencies. I *may* have received this feedback other times in life as well. I consider it a character “trait” that can come in handy at times.

My particular breed of mule has a real problem with inefficienties. I simply can’t tolerate them. Usually this serves me really well in the job realm. Employers tend to like people that desire to increase market share, revenue and efficiency. Logistics, project management, operations, really just management of any kind is my jam. I love to manage stuff.  Especially stuff that is a disaster. The messier the better. Bringing order to chaos is my sweet spot.

But you put me in the middle of a mess that I don’t have the creativity, ownership, or permission to clean up and I am the ugliest dang mule you have ever seen. I get pissed, refuse to see anything else and feel free to tell everyone else about my thoughts.

Enter Rodan & Fields.

Let’s start with this: I LOVE the products. I think the earning potential is stellar (which is why I include it in my 7 streams), and they have a proven model. I am not interested in shaming the company or spreading bad info.

But I do think that people of Facebook and people of the internet appreciate a little honesty. And the happy clappy R&F people I see around my internet town are a little too optimistic for my particular brand of mule.

If you have never heard of Rodan & Fields feel free to cruise past my FB page and see what all the fuss is about. R&F is a fabulous line of skincare products that truly is changing skin. They were a top-selling line in Nordstroms for years before they decided they could make more $$ direct selling and pulled out of department stores.

I started selling because I have a unique group of friends and sailing buddies that can truly use some quality skincare. My current peer group feels they are a tad young to care about wrinkles…but their day is coming, and I will be ready! 🙂

The Pros:

1. Massive earning potential. There are some people on my team earning 5 figures a MONTH. Holy sugar that is a lot of cash. And they are doing it sitting in their PJ’s writing fb posts. If that is not appealing I don’t know what is….I will be sitting in a swim suit, but same-same.

2. Quality products. It is honestly pretty easy to sell something that works and improves everyone’s skin. I have no problems telling people about it because it WORKS. I can’t afford a dermatologist – but I have access to their recommended products without the co-pay and waiting time, etc….4 treatments

3. Training/Support is fantastic. The “teams” you join are fabulous and the training and resources are better than anything I have seen in any of my corporate experience.

4. 60 Day $$ Back. Every product, every business kit, etc…has a 60 day money back, no questions asked guarantee. That gives us all the option to try something, use every drop of it and then determine if you like it. I don’t know any other business that offers this kind of guarantee.


The Cons:

1. Massive growth = massive growing pains. Jesus help you if you ever need customer support, because my experience has been less than stellar. I can only say that because I AM customer support for one of my jobs and I know what good customer support looks like and I know how hard it is to deal with whiners. So I am trying super hard to not be a whiner…

2. Happy Clappy. I am beyond over all the cheering, clapping, bizarrely positive people. Apparently most of the girls selling this stuff are on massive doses of prozac. This mule is realistic to a fault and more than happy to tell you that happy clappy doesn’t make inefficient corporate policies “all better.”  Um, no. Getting answers and being efficient will make my customers happy. Bah!

3. E-commerce Improvements. Anyone in the e-commerce world (online selling) will tell you that the key to success is data.

For example, data including: where are your customers coming from, how many pages did they view, how many clicks to make a purchase, conversion rates, etc, etc….R&F does none of this. In fact, I can’t even set up google analytics to get it to track for me. Basically, I am flying blind. Maybe they do have this info, but I am certainly not privy to it. And it would be helpful. Making good business decisions comes from having good data.

(I am so passionate about this in fact that I emailed corporate. I got an auto-response that said they were super slammed and would be back with me in a few days. I’ll let you know….)

I get quite a few messages with people asking me if they recommend signing up, etc…and my bottom line is yes. There are challenges, but that can be said for any business. There are things that need improvement, but again – what doesn’t need improvement? There are things I would do different – this mule is pretty sure her ideas are always better!

At the end of the day – the products are amazing and actually work and I did get a paycheck this month from sharing with people via facebook. My advice would be to go for it before it gets too big. Let me know if you want the scoop. If I sound happy clappy then feel free to slap me.

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ps – I got my first paycheck today. Let’s say it bought our groceries so I am REALLY happy about that. Let me know if you want to partner up and pay some of your bills!




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