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I’d been working in Ohio for the better part of a couple weeks, which timed out well with some family stuff Alli had going on in Columbus.  We’d made big plans to visit friends in Indy for the weekend, so I wasn’t too excited last Wednesday to find this image pop up on my screen…


You might be able to see our boat, sitting snuggly beside the black H marking potential ground zero.  I’ve been through this a few times before, so you’d think I’d have the boat all ready to go before traveling, but alas, I booked a flight.  I managed to squeeze a trip down to the boat so to double up some dock lines between work trips.

I pulled into the marina in my rental car around noon Saturday hauling a suitcase full of 3-strand.  We’d been gone for several weeks, so when I opened the companionway, I wasn’t surprised by the return of a slight old boat smell.

Until I opened the freezer.

The stench punched me in the face before I knew what happened.  The normally frost-lined walls of our drop-in freezer were now lined with the aftermath of a busted can of biscuit dough.

The normally 15* freezer had become a 105* slow cooker.  Fish, chicken, beef–all marinating in a soggy wasteland.

My immediate reaction was to close the lid and just pretend it didn’t happen.  I went back outside to begin adding more dock lines in an effort to avoid the crime scene.

But the fresh air was no longer.  I think the smell got on me.  It permeated my being.  I may never smell right again. (Alli: “Maybe this’ll make you smell better…”)

Nowhere on the boat was safe–I could barely keep from gagging, even on the foredeck.  So I put on a mask and snorkel, climbed downstairs, and went bandaid on the situation.


It was awful.  A roll of paper towels, 4 garbage bags, 2 sponges, a gallon of vinegar, thousands of dollars of essential oils, and one wardrobe later, I think we may be back on the road to recovery.

Time will tell.  If not, we may just have to sell the boat.  #kidding #sortof #boatlife

Oh, and “Hurricane” Erika?  She’d had enough fun by the time she got to Cuba and gave up.  At least we’ll be ready for the next one.

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