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As we continued our way north (or is it east?) up the British Virgin Island chain we pulled into our favorite anchorage to-date, bar-none, absolutely for sure. Saba Rock and Bitter End Yacht Club just might be heaven on earth.


Yeah, I told you so. It is perfection. For this sailing couple it has all the makings of our favorite spot:

  1.  Beach Bars for Bo. Have a drink and say that three times fast. The man loves a tiki bar and he found a few good ones on this little spit of blue water.

2.  The Cutest Gift Shop ever for Allison. Don’t ask how much I paid for two new towels. I have a thing for fine linens. Give me a rum punch and all financial sense completely leaves me. Bo is too busy at the bar to notice…

3. Great snorkeling!

4.  Anchorage!  Most of these Virgin Islands think we are all on vacation and love to charge $30 bucks a night to pick up a mooring ball. When we can find a piece of sand to anchor on for free we are happy campers.

5. The View. Hello. Can you imagine waking up to this every day?







Happy Hour on Saba Rock is bumping


Check out the amazing guy behind us sporting a bowtie with anchors on it


Swankiest Dinghy Dock we have ever seen




This is Saba Rock. A rock in the ocean with a hotel and bar on it. PERFECTION



If you have ever wanted to come and visit us – this is the place!  Too bad we are leaving soon for a few months – but mark your calendars for next spring! I think Selah will be spending a lot of time here.


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