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The only logical thing to do when you are living the awesome boat life is to invite others to join you. Before we cruised we had heard from anyone and everyone that coordinating visitors is easy and awesome if you follow one simple rule:

Visitors can pick the destination OR visitors can pick the date. But they can not pick both the destination and the date.

Honestly, we were kind of baffled by the advice, but as in all things boat – they were right! It is nearly impossible for us to be able to predict where and when we will be. We can usually predict where we will be, but we can not tell you when we will be there. Complicated, I know.

This may appear to be flaky and us just being non-comittal…but in reality it is just a fact of our life. Weather, tides, wind, repairs, etc…can all mess with our plans. We struggle to realistically predict our movements from day-to-day because of these factors, so trying to schedule flights, hotels, etc…is perfectly impossible.

Enter Type A Americans. Trying to explain this strange way of living to a bunch of Type A Americans (like I used to be!) is hard. They just can’t fathom how we don’t really know where/when we will be somewhere; it just doesn’t compute in their brains. Our visitors will self-select themselves as fairly laid back and yet trigger happy people. They must be able to pull a trigger on an airline ticket at a moments notice and have the bags packed.

Randall and Uncle Don are the perfect candidates! It just so happened that we were going to have a week or so in early May near St. Thomas and both were able to buy tickets at the last minute and landed themselves in paradise.


Morning hike for GREAT views of St John

Yes they were in paradise, but they were still experiencing all they joys (cough!) of boat life. The first morning we got beat up sailing upwind for 2 hours, we only had one working head and it was too windy to stay in the anchorage we had planned on. They were able to go with the flow with us and we also managed a little hitch hiking and of course wet dinghy rides – all in good fun!

Definitely worth the hike!

Definitely worth the hike!


Gorgeous vista at Waterlemon Bay.

Gorgeous vista at Waterlemon Bay.






IMG_6664We snorkeled, hiked, swam and generally enjoyed St John and St Thomas for a few days. Their flexibility and willingness to embrace boat life helped everyone have a great time. We will happily share boat life with them anytime!

All our flexible and trigger happy friends put in your reservations now for next year!  We are going to have lots of island time to share. Just remember you can choose the destination or the date – but not both 🙂

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