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Back when this whole sailboat living thing was just a dream we had plenty of internet speed to surf cruising blogs and wonder at the “coolness” of it all.

We may have deeply under-estimated the amount of work that cruising requires, but we definitely did not underestimate the excitement of landing on new beaches daily and exploring the beautiful Bahamas. Early on, I got a bee in my bonnet about seeing Long Island. Thanks mostly to Laho’s posts, I was absolutely obsessed with going to Long Island.

Long Island is about 35 miles east off the coast of southern Bahamas and a bit of a ride.

For a while it didn’t look like it would happen- weather, wind, timing, yada yada – but never underestimate this girl’s powers of persuasion.  Weather looked good, I convinced the Capt we could do chores later, and off we went!

Hands down – the best sail day of my career. PERFECT weather, wind, yada yada and we just zipped right along. About 2 hours into the 4 hour sail we heard ZZIINNNNNGGGGG on the rod. Our first MAHI MAHI!  Excitement was HIGH!



Long Island-3

Long Island-4

Long Island-9

Within the hour, Bo had him fileted and ready for tacos. We happily munched on the freshest fish tacos you have ever tasted and couldn’t believe our good fortune. How could the day get any better?

By 1pm we had pulled into paradise: Cape Santa Maria, Long Island, Bahamas. The Cape was named by Christopher Columbus after one of his ships in 1492. In his log book he described Long Island “the most delightful island in the world.” We concur, Mr. Columbus!

Long Island-30

I can safely say we have explored every Bahamian beach this side of Florida. None as pretty as this. Gorgeous white sand, turquoise water and cute little cabanas. It was paradise.

For Christmas my Dad had tucked a gift card into an envelope and written open 12/25/15 on the back. Lo and behold Santa delivered some cash to spend a nice night somewhere beautiful and Long Island was just the ticket. We hemmed and hawed at the check in desk, but eventually decided the splurge was worth it and happily checked into hot showers, air conditioning and even a washer/dryer!!!

Long Island-28

Long Island-23

Long Island-21

Long Island-20

Long Island-18

We played on the beach, rode bikes to town, did laundry and took more showers than we needed. Cape Santa Maria boasts a great happy hour with renowned conch fritters that we were more than happy to try. Cruisers always seem to find each other and we struck up a convo at the bar with 4 other boats – they were super jealous of our showers and offered to crash on our porch.

Sunset was one for the books and we even saw the green flash. Yep, that is Selah out there waiting patiently for us.

Long Island-25

Long Island-26

Long Island-27

Long Island-17

I was more than happy to drive the dinghy to shore when this beach was waiting for me. Trucker hat, beer, dinghy driving = happy girl!

Long Island-16

We can not say enough about how wonderful it was to enjoy a night off the boat. Spirits were high when we toted everything back to the boat the next day and discovered the internet worked way out there too!

The weather turned on us that afternoon/evening and we hightailed it out of the very rolly anchorage about 6pm. We had a 5 hour ride home and decided to make a night of it. What we didn’t know was that the weather REALLY sucked off shore and we beat into big waves the whole way home. Pukey Allison and tired Bo arrived back in Georgetown right about 11pm. You win some and you lose some.:)


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