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For various exciting reasons we packed up Selah and made a quick trip “home.” Everyone we meet in boat world wants to know where “home” is – we had to come up with a standard answer as looking at each other and shrugging was starting to get confusing. The canned answer is “Atlanta” in case you want to know.

Technically, we did fly through Atlanta and I got to visit for a few days – so we did get to go “home” on this trip. It is where my people are, after all!

Meanwhile – Selah is bobbing around in the Bahamas waiting for us. My hesitation about leaving her is probably much different than Bo’s, but I was hesitant nonetheless.  We left Selah on a mooring ball – which is a permanent anchor screwed into the ground. She is in what is called a hurricane hole – as it should be safe from any crazy weather with limited wind/waves. We have some friends that will be by to check on her while we are gone!  Thank you Nightingale Tune and Delancey!!


Those 4 letters strike more fear in this clean freak’s mind than anything else! And it is inevitable living on a boat unfortunately. I do my very, very best to keep things dry and clean and am never far from a spray bottle of vinegar and clove oil. When we are home and in normal life it is pretty easy to keep things clean and under control.

Leaving the boat for a month just floating around in the hot sun with limited air flow is a different story. We have never left her this long before without power, so hopefully my preparations will keep things as good as can be. Having to pack up and dig around in dark corners of the boat revealed the beast and I went into full on freak mode.

#1: I pulled our suitcases out of vacuum-sealed bags and they had been taken over by a mold colony. Words can’t explain how they smelled. I instantly smothered them in clove/vinegar conncoction and set them in the sun – hopefully to kill the mold colony. Putting clothes in them about 12 hours later about killed me.  GROSS.

Left the mattress pulled up and tented to prevent gross.

Left the mattress pulled up and tented to prevent gross.

#2: Every.single.surface was wiped clean and then smothered in clove/vinegar. Every ceiling, every cabinet, every drawer, every floor, etc…you get the picture.

The VBerth aka "Garage" is especially special.

The VBerth aka “Garage” is especially special.

#3: All cushions had to be pulled up and stored upright to prevent growth.


Yes – I actually left the boat like this on purpose!

#4: We had to turn off the fridge/freezer a few days before we left to conserve power and see how the batteries will hold up while we are gone. We cleaned, gave away and ate every last morsel of food and left fridge/freezer open to keep air flowing. We *did* leave the deep freeze on and stocked – fingers crossed it stays cold so we don’t revisit this nasty “incident.”


#5. Bo did all kinds of stowing of important things that I can’t even comment on. He will have to tell you about his “systems” and how he preserved them. Pickled watermakers, oil changes, fuel filters, fresh water systems, etc…

Selah's control panel

Selah’s control panel

Nancy told me that everyone thinks our life is very glam. “Everyone” doesn’t get my daily texts providing updates on how many days since the last shower, mold growing on luggage, and other various disgusting tidbits.  She suggested I share the real life boat things that happen to make this sailing thing a reality. 90% is hard work. 10% is rum drinks and sunsets – we wouldn’t have it any other way.

And we are off!

Water Taxi ride to the mainland

Water Taxi ride to the mainland

Bye Selah! Please still be mold free and floating when we get back!

Bye Selah! Please still be mold free and floating when we get back!

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