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As we mentioned in the last blog we are getting ready to head north from the Caribbean to ports unknown. Looks like we may get a weather window as soon as this week to make the jump from Puerto Rico to the Bahamas. As crazy as it sounds we don’t really have a final destination pinned down just yet.

Last year we spent six months back in the US working and Selah waited patiently for us in Puerto Rico. This was best-case scenario as we anticipated a great sailing season once January rolled around and we were free from work for a few months.  

I lived in Ohio and played Super Nanny to my favorite little people and had the BEST time. My days were filled with kiddos, tennis, crossfit, work and family and it was awesome. Bo popped in and out of town as his work schedule allowed and it was an all-around great arrangement. 

3 kids

These little nuggets have my whole heart.

As amazing as it all was there was an underlying feeling that I wasn’t really settled. I lived an amazing life, but it felt like a place-holder for when my real life would start. As thankful as I was for my limbo life I also knew that one season in limbo was enough. Eventually we would have to pick a place to call home and start to build our own land life. 

Enter 2017.

We have spent a few months sailing the dream and it has been perfection. Every day has been better than we could have ever imagined. Weather, friends, lobster, adventures, etc…we have had it all in spades. In short, boat life has been A M A Z I N G!

Imagine if this was your backyard every day!!!

Imagine if this was your backyard every day!!!

But summer is looming and work is calling, (we are ready for our bank account to go UP instead of down…) and it is time to figure out where we can set up shop for awhile. Most likely Bo will have some awesome work opportunities through March 2018, so we are looking at nearly a year of land life. (Maybe longer?).

Leaving Selah alone in the tropics just doesn’t make sense, as much as the long trip north does not excite us. And we have agonized and flip flopped our decision nearly every day, so don’t be surprised if we change our minds tomorrow!  It seems like such a victory to have made it all the way here that the thought of going north is blasphemy.

We are left with three options:

  1. Put Selah in a marina in the Caribbean and we find a place to live in the US.  This hurts our money savings plan as then we pay rent for Selah to stay somewhere and rent for us to stay somewhere. Not to mention figuring out furniture, cars, etc…Leaving Selah for nearly a year to fend for herself is not really in her best interest either.
  2. Put Selah in a marina in the Caribbean (most likely Puerto Rico) and we continue to live down here year round.  There are definitely some perks to this train of thought as we happen to LOVE PR and it gives us good access to sailing, easy trips to the Virgin Islands, no long trip north, etc…The downside is that we can’t see ourselves living long-term down here. Kids, family, horses (!!), tennis teams, all seem difficult living in constant vacation mode. I personally have trouble envisioning a full time life in PR. 
  3. Sail Selah north and live on her. This makes the most financial sense to us as it allows us to only pay rent once and puts us back in the US.  The trick is figuring out WHERE we want to live on her. We are thinking the Carolinas, but finding a marina that suits our needs is proving more difficult than we thought. Apparently we are looking for a unicorn!  Here are the elements of a perfect marina in our minds:
  • *Liveaboard marina with amenities: shower, laundry, good community
  • *Big(ish) city: I really don’t want to be a podunk little town in the middle of nowhere. I am looking for culture, walkable downtown, Crossfit, tennis teams, etc…
  • *Airport Access. Bo travels most of the week, every week – so a decent airport close by would be ideal
  • *Floating, concrete docks. We realize we will be living in hurricane zone during hurricane season so we want a marina with decent protection. Bo needs to leave town each week knowing that Selah is safe.

As you can imagine, we have agonized over the decision and been nearly schizophrenic in the ways we have gone back and forth, up and down in trying to figure out the best course of action. But – we have decided and refuse to further discuss – we are going north. Soon. Just not totally sure where we are headed…details. Please let it be Charleston!!!!

We are currently in San Juan, Puerto Rico with our boat besties Nightengale Tune and Ruby Rose eating our way through town. Also provisioning for the next few months worth of food, tackling boat projects and more.

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