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You might’ve heard somewhere along the way that my dream was to sail around the world in a way that would inspire, educate, and entertain a new generation of explorers. The Junior Captains program is how I plan to do that.

I hope you enjoyed the Marathon Turtle Hospital video & learned something…I thought it was really cool. We’ll be doing a lot more videos like that in the upcoming months & we’ll get better & better with each one.

Last Christmas I started the Junior Captains program with a small group of family & friends and I’ve learned a lot. So we’re relaunching it Sept. 1st and it’s going to be new and vastly improved.

But I couldn’t wait that long, so as of 6am this morning, I’ve begun accepting preorders for the Junior Captains Starter Kits. You’ll want to check out the site for details, but the gyst is this…

Order the Junior Captains Starter Kit for $36, get 3 months access to the program for free ($72 value).

Order by midnight Sunday using the coupon code PREORDER25, you’ll get an additional 25% off AND free shipping!


I’m actually going to stop in at our southeastern shipping facility (read: my parent’s house) today to make sure everything is coming together in time for the Sept. 1st launch.

It’s going to be a lot of fun…join us, will you? Get more info here or preorder now!


P.S. Any of you with blogs who might want to partner with us to get the word out (read: affiliate), shoot us a note.

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