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Allison’s Take…

Selah is the 42 ft Brewer Sailboat that will take us around the world. She is younger than Allison, but older than Bo  – which puts her in her mid 30’s…the perfect age for sailing.

I (allison) am certain there are all kinds of technical details that I should tell you about the boat, but I am still learning what aft, starboard and port mean, so for now let’s just say she is great. She floats, only smells mildly of mildew and has 1 flushing toilet. I am told the other one will eventually flush, but beggars can’t be choosers.  There is running (cold) water, enough electricity to have a 3 inch fan blow air on us at night and the promise of adventure. What more could we need?

I personally would love fine linens, an ice maker and a washing machine – but again, don’t get greedy. She offers us the promise of skinny dipping in multiple states, oceans and bodies of water, the opportunity to practice honest communication on the daily, and regular helpings of tuna tartare, whatever the hell that is…


All in all – the first year, or six, of marriage is bound to be interesting as we live together in our 200 sq foot floating abode.

Bo weighs in…

I was in Florida being disappointed by a few boats that were actually in my price range, when I got an email from a buddy with the link to this fancy 42′ yacht twice my budget.  I figured I’d go check it out just to see what a nice boat actually looked like.  What could it hurt?

I met the owner at the dock and hopped on board.  When I stood behind the wheel and looked out across her towards the marina, every other boat vanished and all I could see was open ocean.


I knew immediately.  This was the boat that would take me around the world.

After a few trying months, she became mine.

Her name is Selah, and she’s a 42′ cutter ketch sailboat designed by renown boat designer Ted Brewer, built in 1984 in Fort Myers, Florida.  She’s a solid ocean-going boat that spent 2005-2009 sailing her previous owners all around the Caribbean.

BobSmithDieselShe has the original 90hp Ford Lehman diesel engine, designed by Bob Smith who is now of American Diesel fame. Bob still give 2 day courses on maintenance and upkeep of the engine, which I was fortunate enough to take part in shortly after purchasing the boat.

Boats in the Whitby-Brewer family are fortunate enough to be backed by the power of a very active owners association. I was able to attend the annual Rendezvous two years ago, then Allison and I both were able to attend in 2014. Great people and a wealth of knowledge about these boats.

There’s still a list of projects to do on the boat, but step by step we’re making great progress.

I think she’s going to treat us quite nicely.

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