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Every sailor I have met tells me that “plans are written in the sand during low tide” and “you can plan where to be, or when to be there, but not both at the same time.” So this type A chick has stopped worrying about “the plan.” Every time I ask the Captain what it might possibly be it changes the next day, or week, or hour….so we don’t have a plan, persay.

We got married on May 3rd in Pensacola, Florida, in front of an incredible collection of friends and family.  Who in the world knows where we might end up afterwards. We would *like* to sail down around Florida and up the East Coast summer/fall 2015. From there it would be ideal to head south for fall/winter 2015. From there the next logical step would be to adventure through the Panama Canal and across the Pacific, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves…

As we travel, we will have many “Junior Captains” traveling along with us. Junior Captains is Bo’s brainchild and an educational journey for young elementary students to explore the world with us. We are really excited to inspire a generation of explorers and learn a few things along the way ourselves.


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